SuperCollider classes for interacting with data sets from OpenSNP (parsing, retrieving metadata, rendering audio from, etc.).
Note: This is a prototype! It is developed on Linux using JACK, therefore the following features have only been tested there!


  • Parse 23andme files, write them to a different - optimized for the work with The Sound Of People - format.
  • Loading the contents of both types of files (parsed and read) into a SuperCollider Dictionary. This will require a lot of RAM. Get ready for ~5,7GB (parsing) and ~4,7GB (reading). The amount will increase during playback - you will most likely end up using ~6,0GB!
  • Retrieve metadata (at the moment only resolvers for SNPs) for SNPs and the data sets
  • Rendering sound from positions (or rather: bases/base pairs at a position on a chromosome) of up to 25 chromosomes at the same time.
  • Possible audio setups are: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 speakers
  • A GUI showing the current speaker setup and currently playing SNP on chromosomes


The GUI is still pretty minimalistic and currently just - non-interactively - showing which SNP is playing on which chromsome (and thus also on which speaker).

The Sound Of People GUI

The Sound Of People GUI


For audio samples (only stereo - and please bear in mind that the main focus has been multi-channel use for this application!) visit Soundcloud


Clone this repository to somewhere sclang will pick it up on recompiling its class library:

cd ~/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/local
git clone git://sleepmap.de/audio/thesoundofpeople.git

If the local folder doesn't exist, create it, otherwise you can also directly clone into the Extensions folder (the folder and all of its children will get picked up on recompile). Symlinking is fine, too!

cd ~/some/other/directory
git clone git://sleepmap.de/audio/thesoundofpeople.git
cd ./local/share/SuperCollider/Extensios/local/
ln -s ~/some/other/directory/thesoundofpeople .


Go to the cloned directory and open thesoundofpeople.scd in your favorite SuperCollider IDE. All further steps are explained there.