This is the source code repository for https://sleepmap.de

Nikola is used to generate the static content from this source code repository. Have a look at its handbook for more information.

Installing nikola

To install nikola, either use your distributions package manager:

# Arch Linux example
pacman -S nikola

# Ubuntu/Debian example
apt-get install nikola

Alternatively, you can install it via pip3:

pip3 install --user nikola

If installing through pip, make sure to add ~/.local/bin to your $PATH afterwards (if that's not already the case):

# ~/.bash_profile
export PATH="${HOME}/.local/bin:${PATH}"

Working with the code base

Build the website:

nikola build

To run the website locally:

nikola serve

To deploy the website to its webserver destination:

nikola deploy
You need to have a valid ssh key on the remote host machine.
Please make sure to add the latest deploy and push it to the repository:
git add state_data.json
git commit -m "state_data.json: Deployed website."
git push