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* Add new key for nanni@flanger.semainDavid Runge2022-07-021-0/+29
* Add signature for 7C02B0A4ABBCB3B37ED47D6B308FEBF427D3A980David Runge2022-07-021-305/+308
* Add signatures from dvzrv@archlinux.orgDavid Runge2022-05-101-10/+15
* Revoke 91BD8815FE0040FA7FF5D68754C28F4FF5A1A949David Runge2022-05-091-598/+611
* Add PGP public key certificates for flanger.seDavid Runge2022-05-011-0/+319
* Add cross signatures for dave@sleepmap.de UIDDavid Runge2022-04-302-487/+501
* Add README for projectDavid Runge2022-04-301-0/+32
* Add PGP public key certs for sleepmap.de domainDavid Runge2022-04-303-0/+815
* Add gitignoreDavid Runge2022-04-301-0/+2
* Add dummy files to keep empty directoriesDavid Runge2022-04-302-0/+0
* Add justfile to generate direct WKD directoryDavid Runge2022-04-301-0/+17
* Add GPL3 license fileDavid Runge2022-04-301-0/+674