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system/cpupower-rt.service, user/compton.service: Changing real-time kernel dependency to /sys/kernel/realtime instead of relying upon kernel command line parameter. README.rst: Updating information regarding real-time settings. Fixing typos. NEWS: updating information regarding version
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+ * Making real-time kernel settings depend on /sys/kernel/realtime instead
+ of kernel command line parameters.
+ Fixing typos and removing outdated documentation in README.rst
* Fixing typo space in bang line in mpd-pulse script, preventing it to run
in mpd@.service
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-| *uenv* - as in `*u*seful *env*ironments` - is a collection of scripts, |systemd| |systemd.service| and |systemd.timer| units and configuration that go along with it.
+| *uenv* - as in **u** seful **env** ironments - is a collection of scripts, |systemd| |systemd.service| and |systemd.timer| units and configuration that go along with it.
| It is meant to help organizing your workflow and hiding away user and system services in neat little separate environments.
| Arguably a couple of the |systemd.unit| might only be useful, when using window managers like |awesome|, that stem from a minimalistic approach.
| Some of the functionalities implemented here can be found in desktop environments like |kde| or |gnome|.
@@ -32,15 +32,6 @@ Separate tmux environments
| will attach you to that separate environment.
| *Note*: All of these separate environments are dependant on your login. If there is no login, |systemd| will kill all of your user services! You can get around this by using |loginctl| to set *enable-linger* for your user.
-"REALTIME" kernel parameter
-| Some services are dependant or anti-dependant on the |kernel_parameter| *"systemd.setenv=REALTIME=true"*. The option itself sets nothing but an Environment for systemd.
-| This is pretty useful when wanting to enable or disable certain services using *ConditionKernelCommandLine* in their *[Unit]* sections, when you're on a |real-time_kernel|.
-| Simply add this to your kernel parameters, using |grub|, |syslinux|, or |systemd-boot|:
- .. code:: bash
- systemd.setenv=REALTIME=true
@@ -53,7 +44,7 @@ ______________
-| The compton user service is anti-dependent on the `REALTIME kernel parameter` (i.e. it will not start, when booting into a kernel with that option set).
+| The compton user service is anti-dependent on the realtime kernel (i.e. it will not start, if */sys/kernel/realtime* is present and not empty).
| You can start and enable it like any other systemd user service:
.. code:: bash
@@ -63,13 +54,10 @@ ______________
-| The cpupower package on |arch_linux| has some |cpupower_feature_request|, which make it quite hard to apply CPU settings based on profiles.
-| At least in a real-time environment, the modified version of cpupower - called cpupower-rt - makes it easy to apply differing settings **after** the usual cpupower settings have been applied.
-| jOnce the above mentioned feature request is resolved, it will be as easy as just copying the *cpupower.service* file and modify it slightly in */etc/systemd/sytem/*.
-| For now, there needs to be a separate config file *and* a separate script. For setting it up, just modify */etc/default/cpupower-rt* as you would for */etc/default/cpupower*.
+| The cpupower package on |arch_linux| has been |cpupower_feature_request|, to allow easier appliance of CPU settings based on other profiles, than the system's default.
+| This is very useful, when using a real-time kernel: cpupower-rt settings will be applied **after** the general cpupower settings have been applied.
-| The *cpupower-rt.service* is dependant on the `REALTIME kernel parameter`. It will only start, if that condition is met.
+| The *cpupower-rt.service* is dependant on a realtime kernel. It will only start, if */sys/kernel/realtime* is present and not empty.
| You can start and enable it like any other systemd service:
.. code:: bash
@@ -387,6 +375,6 @@ ______________
.. |cpupower_feature_request| raw:: html
- <a href="https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/44270" target="_blank">limitations</a>
+ <a href="https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/44270" target="_blank">changed</a>
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Description=Apply cpupower configuration
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Description=Compton X Compositor
After=display-manager.service local-fs.target