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* system/cpupower-rt.service: Making the service use the default script from th...0.4David Runge2016-05-012-33/+2
* README.rst: Removing information about mpd real-time bug. Adding further info...David Runge2016-05-011-6/+1
* README.rst: Removing offlineimap information.David Runge2016-05-011-10/+0
* user/mpd*: Updating LimitRTTIME to be infinity instead of -1 (same same but d...David Runge2016-05-012-2/+2
* user/offlineimap.service: Removing service, as it has been integrated upstream.David Runge2016-05-011-11/+0
* NEWS: Updating news for version Runge2015-10-231-0/+7
* user/systemd-analyze-plot.service: Removing user home top level configuration...David Runge2015-10-231-1/+0
* README.rst: Adding information about the offlineimap user service.David Runge2015-10-231-0/+10
* user/offlineimap.service: Adding systemd user service for offlineimap.David Runge2015-10-231-0/+11
* config/jack/internal-44100: Adding additional JACK profile for internal hardw...David Runge2015-10-231-0/+12
* config/jack/fw1: Moving JACK profile to subdirectory.David Runge2015-10-231-0/+0
* user/jack@.service: Moving config directory to /etc/jack/David Runge2015-10-231-1/+1
* NEWS: Adding NEWS file.0.2David Runge2015-10-231-0/+22
* user/{gpg,ssh}-agent.service: Adding new user services for GnuPG and SSH.David Runge2015-10-232-0/+22
* README.rst: Fixing minor typos. Adding gpg-agent and ssh-agent information.David Runge2015-10-231-2/+43
* README.rst: Un-escape emphasis in italics.David Runge2015-10-231-1/+1
* README.rst: Setting proper pygments for code blocks. Fixing broken new line.David Runge2015-10-231-7/+11
* README.rst: Escaping emphasis in italics. Trying to fix code blocks.David Runge2015-10-231-3/+3
* README.rst: Fixing header.David Runge2015-10-231-1/+1
* README.rst: Major overhaul and cleanup after switching to ReStructuredText.David Runge2015-10-231-112/+278
* Moving README to ReStructuredText.David Runge2015-10-231-0/+0
* system/rtorrent@.service: Changing OpenVPN profile to a more generic name.David Runge2015-10-231-1/+1
* README.md: Removing unneeded dbus information. Systemd now does that.David Runge2015-10-231-7/+2
* system/user@.service.d/: Removing dbus settings. Systemd 226 now has all that...David Runge2015-10-201-2/+0
* user/dbus.{service,socket}: Removing dbus user services, as they're now inclu...David Runge2015-09-082-19/+0
* README.md, user/pulse.service: Remove special systemd user service for pulsea...0.1David Runge2015-07-262-24/+0
* README.md: Updating information on which services are provided.David Runge2015-07-261-1/+4
* user/{irssi,monitoring,rtorrent,tmux,weechat}.service: Changing TMUX_TMPDIR t...David Runge2015-07-265-5/+5
* README.md: Updating all tmux related links. Adding information for irssi and ...David Runge2015-07-261-5/+25
* README.md: Adding information for mpd-new.service, updating information for m...David Runge2015-07-261-2/+8
* user/mpd-new.service: Renaming mpd.service to not get into conflict with upst...David Runge2015-07-261-0/+0
* user/weechat.service: Adding weechat as a new tmux driven environment in a sy...David Runge2015-06-281-0/+16
* user/irssi.service: Adding irssi as a new tmux driven environment in a system...David Runge2015-06-281-0/+16
* user/mpd.service: Adding a replacement for the broken upstream mpd user servi...David Runge2015-06-271-0/+15
* user/mpd@.service: Adding correct RT settings.\n Adding the creation of a pro...David Runge2015-06-271-0/+5
* user/tmux.service: Adding creation of TMUX_TMPDIR, if not created yet.David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* user/rtorrent.service: Creating TMUX_TMPDIR if not created yet.David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* user/pulse.service: Remove empty line.David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* user/mpd@.service: Adding Conflicts line with mpd.service to have it automati...David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* user/monitoring.service: Adding the creation of TMUX_TMPDIR if not created yet.David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of sleepmap.de:uenvDavid Runge2015-06-273-0/+41
| * scripts/autotunnel: Fixing SERVER_ALIVE_COUNT_MAXDavid Runge2015-04-251-1/+1
| * system/autotunnel@.service: Fixing script name.David Runge2015-04-251-1/+1
| * autotunnel: Adding example config, systemd service file and script for autoss...David Runge2015-04-243-0/+41
* | user/dbus.{service,socket}: Renaming D-Bus service and socket.David Runge2015-06-272-2/+2
* | system/rtorrent@.service: Adding the adding of TMUX_TMPDIR if not created yet.David Runge2015-06-271-0/+1
* user/systemd-analyze-plot.service: Adding additional path for the configurati...David Runge2015-03-311-0/+1
* system/rtorrent@.service: Fixing location of EnvironmentFileDavid Runge2015-03-311-1/+1
* README.md: Minor fixes, removing all unneded ".David Runge2015-03-311-17/+17
* README.md: Updating to include information on different programs/services inc...David Runge2015-03-311-1/+155