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* README.md: updating system services, renaming user services, adding special u...David Runge2015-03-311-1/+12
* README.md: Indenting sub listDavid Runge2015-03-311-10/+9
* LICENSE: Adding GPLv3David Runge2015-03-311-0/+674
* README.md: First versionDavid Runge2015-03-311-0/+18
* system/user@.service.d/dbus.conf: Adding DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS as separate...David Runge2015-03-311-0/+2
* user/dbus.*: Adding first version of dbus user message bus service and socket.David Runge2015-03-312-0/+19
* scripts/postpone-screensaver: Adding first version of script, after moving th...David Runge2015-03-311-0/+43
* config/postpone-screensaver: Adding first version of config file with examples.David Runge2015-03-311-0/+9
* postpone-screensaver.{service,timer}: Adding first version of service and tim...David Runge2015-03-312-0/+21
* config/rtorrent@.conf: Adding first version of config.David Runge2015-03-311-0/+7
* system/rtorrent@.service: Adding first version.David Runge2015-03-311-0/+18
* user/systemd-analyze-plot.service: Adding first version of service.David Runge2015-03-301-0/+15
* config/plot.conf: Adding configuration file for user/systemd-analyze-plot.ser...David Runge2015-03-301-0/+10
* update-mirrorlist.{service,timer}: Adding systemd service and timer files for...David Runge2015-03-212-0/+21
* mpd@.service: Adding a systemd --user service for mpd to start with a differe...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+11
* rtorrent.service: Adding a tmux systemd --user file that will launch a named ...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+20
* monitoring.service: Adding a tmux systemd --user file that will launch a name...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+20
* tmux.service: Adding a tmux systemd --user file that will launch a named tmux...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+14
* pulse.service: Add minimal pulseaudio systemd --user service, not relying on ...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+12
* syndaemon.service: Adding a systemd --user unit to disable touchpad on keyboa...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+12
* jack: Adding a sample configuration file for a firewire device and a JACK sys...David Runge2015-03-202-0/+28
* compton.service: Adding a systemd --user unit for compton X compositor.David Runge2015-03-201-0/+13
* cpupower-rt: Adding cpupower-rt script, configuration and service file. Meant...David Runge2015-03-203-0/+73