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* user/jack@.service: Removing named server settings (they conflict with many d...David Runge2016-10-252-2/+0
* config/jack/internal-44100: Adding additional JACK profile for internal hardw...David Runge2015-10-231-0/+12
* config/jack/fw1: Moving JACK profile to subdirectory.David Runge2015-10-231-0/+0
* autotunnel: Adding example config, systemd service file and script for autoss...David Runge2015-04-241-0/+9
* config/postpone-screensaver: Adding first version of config file with examples.David Runge2015-03-311-0/+9
* config/rtorrent@.conf: Adding first version of config.David Runge2015-03-311-0/+7
* config/plot.conf: Adding configuration file for user/systemd-analyze-plot.ser...David Runge2015-03-301-0/+10
* jack: Adding a sample configuration file for a firewire device and a JACK sys...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+13
* cpupower-rt: Adding cpupower-rt script, configuration and service file. Meant...David Runge2015-03-201-0/+29