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| I haven't done serious web development work in quite some time. There are reasons for that.
| Mostly because I have been busy being a |sys_admin| instead...
| A reason for now doing this kind of work for myself again, is my departure from a lot of social media websites like Facebook (no, no link here).
| The reasons for that are quite obvious, apart from the general evilness of large companies, agencies and governments alike (especially when looking at the developments in European and US-American politics in the past few months, or rather years).
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* a user account on the **host** system
* SSH (|openssh| assumed) installed on all three machines
Connect the clients
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| I will be attending this year's |lac2015|) in Mainz. Not only as a guest (I seriously hope I will have the time to just snoop around), but mainly for setting up the 8 channel version of *"The Sound Of People"* and to give a workshop on *"Arch Linux as a lightweight audio platform"*.
| You can find my information for the event |lac-speaker_info|.
The Sound Of People
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| The |daad| sponsors a yearly |neue_musik| and |experimental_music| festival in Berlin, called |mikromusik|. It's usually spread over several locations in Berlin.
| This year those included |villa_elisabeth|, |elisabeth_kirche|, |sophien_kirche| [#]_ and |kapelle_der_versoehnung|, with |mikromusik_flyer|.
| The |electronic_studio| at |tu-berlin|, where I'm currently working/ tutoring is the partner for all things technical for these venues during this event and puts my collegue and I in the position of helping to realize different artistic setups.
| While some of the installations and concerts are based on multi-channel/ spatialized audio (and thus sometimes have a complex speaker setup), others require many more tweaks and additional work, before they are ready to go.
| One of those was |dreaming_smetak| by Gustavo Alfaix.
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| An additionally very interesting aspect is, that all pieces presented are premieres!
| That being said, I didn't have that much time to watch other pieces, but I made it to those two: The dress rehearsal of |michael_beil|'s |michael_beil_bluff| (incredible timing!) and |olga_neuwirth|'s |olga_neuwirth_piece| (literally **big** production).
| The latter made me miss my train on the way back (which was okay, because I ended up with parts of |ensemble_mosaik|).
The ensemble
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| This year's |chaos_communication_camp| has been pretty damn awesome (and I'm very late to tell that... I know)!
.. figure:: /images/cccamp2015_disco_ball.jpg
:alt: Disco ball in the trees at CCCamp2015
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| I own a quite old - at least by today's standards of planned obsolescence for every consumer device - |htc_one_s| (2012), that won't be receiving any more Android upgrades (|htc_one_s_last_update|: version 4.0.4) or support by its manufacturer directly or any distributor for that matter.
| It's quite a nice, small and lightweight phone, that by now has seen the world and besides a self-administered chassis change hasn't yielded any serious problems.
| The phone doesn't have much RAM or much space. Neither does it have a microSD card slot, |abbr_nfc| or other fancy new stuff that people seem to need.
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| Another nice aspect that evolved over the years is the concept of the *"Linux Sound Night"*, giving the stage to the artists to present their pieces or perform live.
| There's obviously a lot more to the history of the |linux_audio_conference| (which is no wonder after such a long time!), than I could elaborate on.
| By now the |lac| has taken place in many different countries: Germany, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland, USA and Austria.
| This is where I offer you the following three choices:
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| Last year, when I started building |abbr_eurorack|, what eventually took it's peak of craziness in `building my own suitcase </hardware/modular-suitcase/>`_, I got to know the great folks at |befaco|, a Spanish group of friends that started designing and eventually selling their own modules.
| Back then, the |nk| still existed as a venue and it was host to many concerts alongside the DIY workshops of |befaco| (taken care of by |florian_hanisch|).
| When it |nk-closing-statement|, I had already spent some time at |c-base| and found it to be a great place for synthesizer workshops (I mean, what better place for synths is there, but a space station? Well, maybe cats *and* synthesizers at a space station!).
But wait, there's more!
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| In its 48th edition, the |international_summer_courses_for_new_music| were taking place in Darmstadt this year with a wide |international_summer_courses_for_new_music-program|.
| Initiated just after World War II by Wolfgang Steinecke (then head of Department of Arts and Culture, in a city that was pretty much completely destroyed during the war), the |wiki-darmstadt_school| has risen to glory not only because of its famous seminarists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, but mainly because of its diversity, international flavor and rehabilitation of art that was tainted by the Third Reich.
| I am happy to have been a part of this year's spectacle, although I didn't really see much aside from the rehearsals and premiere of the piece I came to help establish: |tolerance_stacks| by |website-annesley_black|.
Tolerance Stacks
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| As a visitor to this website you have probably noticed the small green lock sign next to the address bar. The certificate used for this website is accepted to be valid by your browser (and also by your operating system).
| If you're up for some background knowledge, just read on. If you're up for some hands-on technical stuff, `jump right on to the howto </2016/lets-encrypt-it-all/#letsencrypt-howto>`_.
| Just note: This is a veeeeeeery long article in any case.
Certificate Authority